"It's Always Sunny" Vs. Bacon! BACON!

Writer Scott Marder ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") battles Caleb Bacon (Host, "The Gentlemens Club" podcast).  White on white crime in Santa Monica will leave you doping for more. Listen for gardeners and delievermen in the background! The conditions!

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Santa Barbara Smack Down!

On location! Host Jonathan Corbett takes his dog Lil' Papi to Santa Babara for some wine tasting and Twitter take downs. Writer Michael Bernard takes on DJ Darla Bea during a taping of "Live at the Piano Kitchen" radio show. Jim Conolly does the music and sound live effect and Jeff Mills ends our battle with a great original song.   Check out "Live at the Piano Kitchen"at their website because they are too cool to podcast it! Hipsters! 

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Jimmy Dore Vs. David Feldman

Jimmy Dore and David Feldman might both be political comedians on the left, but only one can be right! Listen on ITunes.

They agreed to battle it out in the our "Dream Tweet Mobile Studios" in the Fred Segal parking lot before Jimmy's "Left, Right & Ridiculous" show at the Melrose Improv. Jonathan Corbett (Host, "Dream Tweet") hosts "Dream Tweet."

Two popular pundits punch partisan politics! It's a debate of Twitter knowledge.

Obama and Romney may be debating over tax plans and war, but Jonathan Corbett knows what really matters to the people, "Who Tweeted What?"

At the end of this week's "Dream Tweet" game show podcast, David Feldman (who was playing Jimmy Dore) calls out Greg Proops and challenges him to a game. It's out there! Now it's time for Greg  to man up!

Jimmy Dore Vs. David Feldman

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