Brian Scalaro Vs. Chris Gore

Brian Scolaro Vs. Chris Gore in a trash talk take down. These guys complain like they were served cold soup at a deli. But these two great ath-tweets save it for the court. Hosted by Jonathan Corbett. If you like the show join us on Facebook, tweet your friends and rate us on itunes.

Warning: This episode has some blue material. Not appropiate for youngsters. So youngsters, don't let your parents know you are listening.

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Damien Fahey Vs. Christian Finnegan: Rematch!

Comedian Death Re-Match! Christian Finnegan begged for a rematch with Twitter Tornado Damien Fahey. They crammed into Host Jonathan Corbett's Mini Cooper on a busy Hollywood side street in hopes to record Dream Tweet  glory.

Can Christian beat Damien or does Fahey go two for two in our Season Two opener?

Editor's note: A police car was parked across the street from us while we were recording. I was outside the car waving cars off. They were all desparately looking for a spot that they wouldn't believe me.

The cop car watched as three men sat in a car and had some kind of meeting another was a look out. Finally the cop car just drove off.

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Todd Levin Vs. Ali Waller

Dream Tweet LIVE! ON ICE!for a live battle of the twitterest. It's our first live show and these competitors came to play. A confused audience and a missing script page causes host Jonathan Corbett to sweat like a water fall.

If you like the show post it on your facebook page or tweet it!

Thanks to Josh and Josh for hosting the show at Bar Lubitsch.

In two weeks Season two starts with a really righteous rematch.

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