Jason Nash Vs. Joelle Boucai

"Guys With Feelings" Vs. Gal With Job.

GWF host Jason Nash takes on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" writer Joelle Boucai in a Twitter tight tournament.


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Karen Anderson Vs. Travis Clark

Podcast super stars, Karen Anderson (Dinner with Doug and Karen) Vs. Travis Clark (Tiny Odd Conversations) take the battle up North. North Hollywood adjacent that is! Jonathan Corbett hosts. Adam Spiegelman produces.

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"It's Always Sunny" Vs. Bacon! BACON!

Writer Scott Marder ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") battles Caleb Bacon (Host, "The Gentlemens Club" podcast).  White on white crime in Santa Monica will leave you doping for more. Listen for gardeners and delievermen in the background! The conditions!

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Santa Barbara Smack Down!

On location! Host Jonathan Corbett takes his dog Lil' Papi to Santa Babara for some wine tasting and Twitter take downs. Writer Michael Bernard takes on DJ Darla Bea during a taping of "Live at the Piano Kitchen" radio show. Jim Conolly does the music and sound live effect and Jeff Mills ends our battle with a great original song.   Check out "Live at the Piano Kitchen"at their website because they are too cool to podcast it! Hipsters! 

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Brody Stevens Vs. Amber Tozer

(Steven) Brody Stevens battles Amber Tozer in a major rager at Spiegs' mom's house. 

Jonathan Corbett hosts! NOTE: Dream Tweet has moved to Mondays to start your week!

Plus Summer hours are every other week... with bonus episodes! PEOPLE!

join us on twitter @dreamtweetpod





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Andres Du Bouchet V. Auggie Smith

Conan writer Andres Du Bouchet challenges comedian Auggie Smith. This is a high stakes game! Also tweet us with the number of ways that host Jonathan Corbett messes up Auggie's name. @dreamtweetpod

Host Jonathan Corbett reads three tweets from a celebrity.  You have to guess what celebrity wrote it. The third one is made up.

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Neal Brennan Vs. Prescott Tolk

Neal Brennan (Co-creator of "Chappelle's Show") goes cap to cap with comedian Prescott Tolk. They entered our Dream Tweet Mobile Studios which was in a parking garage in Santa Monica. The players were just in time for the shift change and janitors wheeling really loud trash cans back and forth. It was like the running of the bulls, but loader.

Here's how the game works, host Jonathan Corbett ("Dream Tweet") reads three tweets from a celebrity. Two are real and the last one is fake. The contestants have to guess who wrote it. The winner can get up to $25 worth of food from Skooby's Hot Dogs in Hollywood.

Play along at home.

If you like the show, tweet it, FB it, tell a friend!

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Brian Scalaro Vs. Chris Gore

Brian Scolaro Vs. Chris Gore in a trash talk take down. These guys complain like they were served cold soup at a deli. But these two great ath-tweets save it for the court. Hosted by Jonathan Corbett. If you like the show join us on Facebook, tweet your friends and rate us on itunes.

Warning: This episode has some blue material. Not appropiate for youngsters. So youngsters, don't let your parents know you are listening.

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Damien Fahey Vs. Christian Finnegan: Rematch!

Comedian Death Re-Match! Christian Finnegan begged for a rematch with Twitter Tornado Damien Fahey. They crammed into Host Jonathan Corbett's Mini Cooper on a busy Hollywood side street in hopes to record Dream Tweet  glory.

Can Christian beat Damien or does Fahey go two for two in our Season Two opener?

Editor's note: A police car was parked across the street from us while we were recording. I was outside the car waving cars off. They were all desparately looking for a spot that they wouldn't believe me.

The cop car watched as three men sat in a car and had some kind of meeting another was a look out. Finally the cop car just drove off.

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Todd Levin Vs. Ali Waller

Dream Tweet LIVE! ON ICE!for a live battle of the twitterest. It's our first live show and these competitors came to play. A confused audience and a missing script page causes host Jonathan Corbett to sweat like a water fall.

If you like the show post it on your facebook page or tweet it!

Thanks to Josh and Josh for hosting the show at Bar Lubitsch.

In two weeks Season two starts with a really righteous rematch.

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Jim Jeffries takes Eddie Ifft

It's Violence In Venice! It's an air mattress to the death. Comedians Jim Jeffries takes on podcast mate Eddie Ifft in the Twitter war of their lives. From "Jim and Eddie Talking Shit" to "Dream Tweeting as fast as you can!"

This show has some objectionable content. So enjoy it.

Notes: We recorded at Eddie's house just before a recording of their podcast. teh room is filled with freinds, fans, interns, producers, photographers and the star of them all, Jason. We didn't know what to expect and I think they didn't either. Affter the first laugh we all laughed and relaxed like the Indains and the Pilgrams after eating some corn.

Eddie has two dogs that went crazy whenever one of them sqeezed the dog toy. The dogs were locked up. After they were let out, the dogs went right into Jon's bag and grabbed the squeekie cat.

We got to do an episode of "Jim and Eddie Talking Sh*t." It was a lot of fun. Check it out.

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Eddie Pepitone Vs.  Sean Conroy

The Bitter Buddha Bites Back! Eddie Pepitone  attacks Sean Conroy in a Twitter mele. Years of hostility finally erupt in a fight to the finish.  Host Jonathan Corbett ("Dream Tweet") gives out three tweets and the contestants have to figure out who the celeb is that tweeted it. The third one is funny tweet made up by the host! Feathers fly as these two compete like champions. Does Sean kick some Asssssssssscat or will Eddie be the Last Comic Standing?
Subscribe on itunes or Stitcher. Leave us a nice comment. @seanconroy @eddiepepitone @corbettjc @dreamtweetpod @proudlyresents

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Will Jimmy Dore Beat His Wife?

Somehow pot fumes entered the studio. It's a very special "Dream Tweet." The contestants and host Jonathan Corbett are super high. Which is why we let a wrong answer go through. When listen to the show, you'll see that the outcome wouldn't have been much different. Jimmy Dore and Stefane Zamorano put their marriage on the line in a spousal spat that's more War of the Roses than Romancing the Stone... And remember, winners don't do drugs. Or do they? You have to listen to find out.

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Christian Finnegan Vs. Damien Fahey

Christian Finnegan is pitted against Damien Fahey in a twiiter battle to the death! Host Jonathan Corbett reads three tweets from a celebrity and the guys have to figure out who wrote them. It's not as easy as it sounds, but twice as fun! if you ever watched VH1 or MTV you must chose sides and listen to the slaughter.

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