"Family Guy" V. Guy

"Family Guy" writer John Viener & Josh Haness have a terminal Twitter tête-à-tête. Listen! This week we come to you from Bar Lubitsch in the eastern part of West Hollywood. It's  where Josh hosts the comedy show "Josh & Josh Show" evey Thursday ay 8:30.  Feel the tension, smell the ambition, hear the bartenders clanking glases and talking in the background.

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The KING puts up his crown.

Paul Goebel, the King of TV and comedian Jim Bruce get royal on each other's butts! Two best friends drop all sense of decency and go at each other's neck playground style.
And Host Jon Corbett? He's just being a b*tch. That's because it's his catchphrase! Play along!

@PaulGoebelShowl V. @ComedianJimBruce

host @Corbettjc   Producer @Proudlyresents   Show @Dreamtweetpod

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Writer Chris Regan ("The Daily Show" and "Shatner Rules") goes head to head with sports blogger Paul Sullivan (Sullybaseball.com) for twitter dominance! Check out the show, play along.

If you want to be a contestant call our hotline 646 481 LIPO.

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Adam Felber Vs. Josh Comers

Josh Comers (Conan) takes on Adam Felber (Real Time with Bill Maher) in a twitter triva challenge to the death! This time host Jonathan Corbett takes them for a ride. Literally. They are recording in Jon's Mini Cooper. Who will win? Who will run out of air? At one point they almost choke. It gets steamy!





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Christian Finnegan Vs. Damien Fahey

Christian Finnegan is pitted against Damien Fahey in a twiiter battle to the death! Host Jonathan Corbett reads three tweets from a celebrity and the guys have to figure out who wrote them. It's not as easy as it sounds, but twice as fun! if you ever watched VH1 or MTV you must chose sides and listen to the slaughter.

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Promo for Dream Tweets. Listen to Dream Tweet every week. Friend us on facebook.

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